On the road to publishing . . .

tpsg. Publishing started off as a personal blog for its founder, Hassan Rauf, who still writes under his pen name, “the pleasant simple guy“. Down the road, the blog slowly evolved into a platform for other writers and artists leading to the launch of our print publications “The Rapport” and later “Mehwer”. Today, tpsg. Publishing has further transitioned into a digital platform akin to its roots while also offering print periodicals.

Our mission is to discover emerging writers and artists and provide them with a platform to grow and connect with other like-minded creators. tpsg. Publishing aims to create an inclusive environment for both creators and audiences; intending to bring together contemporary literary works and spellbinding artworks that evoke harmony, individuality, self-expression, and interpersonal compassion.

Meet our team

Hassan Rauf
Harper Smileston
Creative Designer
Fajar Munawar
Content Manager